Workers Comp. Investigations

For workers compensation cases the desired result is always the same, but sometimes the way to get them can be different. Below are the services needed to adequately run a workers comp investigation.

  • AOE/COE (Arising out of employment/Course of employment) - (Click here for more info) The sooner the AOE/COE investigation starts the better your chances are at gathering the best information. AOE/COE can include collection of: witness statements, physical evidence, claimant information like addresses, phone numbers, vehicle descriptions, neighbors, co worker contacts, emails, photos, etc. Any and all information that will help reverse the questionable claim.
  • Background checks - Prior to running surveillance, private investigators should run their own background check. Previous addresses, phone numbers, vehicles, old employers, weapons licenses, his criminal activity, social media, and basic things PI's find in backgrounds. This will give us more options in finding the claimant if he/she provided work with a bad address.
  • Surveillance - Following the claimant and recording every thing he or she does in public view. Look at the claim, does it state the claimant can't lift more than 5 pounds? Trouble sleeping? Loss of appetite? Surveillance investigators must be familiar with the claim so the investigator can counter each injury with documented video evidence.
  • Reports and recorded evidence - Private investigators will have to put a lot of time into the report writing and video editing/uploading. If an investigator has multiple grammar mistakes,spelling mistakes, shaky video, date and time mistakes, an attorney could find ways to discredit the private investigators investigation and ultimately make the PI's investigation useless. PI's can charge for report writing and video upload time.

These are the basics of a workers comp investigation. A lot has been left out, but if you have a question or concern please feel free to email, call, or contact us via social media.


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