You might be burned

If you're a private investigator and have been for over a few years, chances are you have been burned, made, or caught before. In this article I will try to help you realize when it's time to break off due to your subject's suspicion.

  • The left turn head turn- If some freak accident happened an all of a sudden you find yourself behind your subject in a left turn lane, try to pay close attention to the subject's driver side rear view mirror (hopefully you have sun glasses on to cover your direct stare). If you see a glance you might be okay, but if you see a complete head turn directed to you. Chances are the subject has caught on. Try to get next to the subject and while he can see your vehicle make a right or left turn to show him/her you are not following him. Relax his/her suspicions.
  • The Block Circler - If you find yourself completing 4 right turns on the same block, and your car is in the subject's sight; you might be caught. Now, if you performed the correct tailing procedures the subject should never have seen your car. Lets say the subject did not see you, and you were not caught, but the subject performed these circles, chances are he or she is being coached by an attorney. This could make the surveillance a little harder.
  • The U-Turner - The subject leaves and performs multiple U-turns. Again, most likely he or she is being coached. Try to stay back, and if you make one U-turn near the subject...DO NOT MAKE ANYMORE.
  • I Forgot I was injured - During surveillance for a workers comp case or personal injury case you might follow a subject for a few hours. During those hours he/she is perfectly fine, no injury, no limp, nothing, but all of a sudden your subject exits the vehicle limping, or with the brace he/she is supposed to be wearing. Getting footage for them injured would help their case in their eyes. This could be a way that you have been burned without them acknowledging your existence.
  • The break checkers- While following a subject you enter a busy intersection, or school zone where cars are backed up. You find yourself directly behind the subject. If he or she is driving in a 30 zone going 30, and slams his breaks to a complete or almost complete stop. You might be burned.
  • Mr. Long finger- At any time during your surveillance you see your subject flip you off, show that long middle finger in your direction while parked or driving. YOU ARE DEFINITELY BURNED!

Well, these are just a few behaviors that can be shown to indicate you could be burned. My motto "Your're never burned till your burned!", but keep in mind It's always better to lose the subject than it is to get burned. Good luck out there, and feel free to give us a call for any questions or concerns. Also, if you have a funny story feel free to post it on our Facebook page. Thanks, have a good day!

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