Signs of a cheating spouse

Unfortunately you are here on this page, but you are not alone in your search to find the truth. Cheating spouses are very common. With smart phone apps, social media direct messaging, inexpensive talk and text on the go phones, it makes it very easy to hide relationships. Hopefully the following information will confirm or deny your suspicions of a cheating spouse.

  • Cell phone habits - Does your spouse get up and move to the other room to speak on the phone for short amounts of time? Does he/she consistently decline calls, erase calls/text history?
  • Decrease in intimacy - Does your spouse forget to kiss you goodbye, or hello? Has intimacy dropped more than usual?
  • Increase in social activity- Does your spouse take more guys/girls nights out? Does your spouse stay after work for dinner or drinks with coworkers? Has your spouse joined work related groups like bowling, softball, coed leagues? If you notice the increase without your spouse's invitation, this could be another bad sign.
  • Physical appearance - Has your spouse started to shave his beard, or style their hair differently? Is your spouses cologne/perfume different than his/her usual scent? Does your spouse dress sharper to work for no apparent reason? Is he/she taking longer in getting ready than usual?
  • Lack of jealousy - Has your spouse stopped caring about your attempts to make him or her jealous for attention? Does your spouse encourage you to leave and do things with friends so he/she can have more time "alone"?
  • Fighting more - Is your spouse on edge? Have they been picking fights for trivial reasons? Is your spouse less apologetic and more aggressive? Do you feel as if they are trying to make you end the relationship? After fights does he or she make an attempt to reconcile? If not, they may be sabotaging the relationship.
  • Abnormal daily behavior - Has your spouse all of a sudden changed their normal routine? Is this new behavior causing more time away from the relationship? Does your spouse workout in the morning now? But still doesn't get home till later than usual? Keep an eye out for abnormal behaviors.

These are just some things to look out for; if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to give us a call and talk about what you have been noticing. It's never too late to find someone who will treat you with respect, and give all of their time to you and only you. There is never an excuse for cheating!

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