Process Service

PSC - 14044

"Process" means the document used to inform a defendant of the institution of proceedings against him and to compel his appearance. In a Texas Civil court, this document is usually a "citation". Process may also include formal delivery of a writ, summons, or other legal process or notice.

"Service" means the delivery of the proper documents in a proper manner to the proper person by a person authorized to make such delivery. The process server performs a very valuable function in our society. A sloppy or irresponsible process server can cause great harm, either to the server's own client by failing to timely serve the correct person, which may seriously delay a plaintiff entirely losing the right to sue. Failure to correctly fill out and file the required paperwork may also cause the plaintiff's case to be delayed or entirely lost. The process server may also cause grievous harm to a defendant by failing to five the correct person the Notice to which the person is entitled, and thereby causing the defendant to lose the right to defend against the plaintiff's claims.

J. Sapalicio Investigations is certified through the JBCC (Judicial Branch Certification Commission). Our continued training and experience has allowed us to become familiar with the correct procedures, as well as the proper steps in serving those who are willing, and unwilling to accept "Process." We can locate those hiding, utilize our surveillance techniques, and subtly serve those unwilling to accept process.


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