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Jess Sapalicio is a licensed private investigator and owner and operator of J.Sapalicio Investigations. As a Private Investigator he has worked on civil and criminal cases in Texas and in California. With his impressive knowledge, experience and work ethic, Mr. Sapalicio is highly qualified to handle your case.

Mr. Sapalicio is a U.S. Navy Veteran, who served 4 honorable years stationed in Sasebo, Japan. While serving as a Ship Serviceman he became the security team leader of his ships VBSS (Visit, Board, Search, & Seizure) team. He became the VBSS security team leader, and was always the first man on the targeted vessel. After the vessel was cleared safe, the search/investigation would begin. This is where Mr. Sapalicio found his love for investigations. The VBSS team would question all crew members; look over charts, ship rosters, logs, and other important documents with information that would help the team get answers. After questioning crew members, the team would deploy the use of biometric scanners to document each person on board. They used retinal scanners, finger print scanners, descriptive mark documentation, like tattoos, scars, eye color, etc. If a crew member was caught on a suspect vessel by another team utilizing these scanners, any team using these tools would get a hit informing them of the crew members involvement in another seizure.

After completing his years of service to the U.S. Navy, Mr. Sapalicio enrolled as a full time college student. He obtained his Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. While attending college, Mr. Sapalicio trained with a California private investigator to learn the industry. During his training, Mr. Sapalicio was taught report writing, surveillance techniques, interview questioning, following vehicles, following people on foot, court procedures, background checks, etc. Today, Mr. Sapalicio remains in contact with his former mentor and friend.

In addition to his work in private investigation, Mr Sapalicio trained as a bounty hunter. Through this experience he gained first hand knowledge on human behavior through skip trace techniques and face-to-face questioning with difficult people. Mr. Sapalicio completed a 40 hour course in powers to arrest, and was given hands on training on how to detain, arrest, transport, and when to use deadly force in arresting situations. Mr. Sapalicio has multiple arrests under his belt, and continues to use what he learned in Los Angeles in South Texas.

Mr. Sapalicio relocated to the Rio Grande Valley to pursue his career as a private investigator. After researching the area, he found that from Laredo all the way to Corpus Christi there are very few private investigators. During his application phase Mr. Sapalicio managed a local golf course, and later worked for the Veterans Affairs Outpatient Clinic in Harlingen. The VA was self-fulfilling and while Mr. Sapalicio enjoyed the work he did for Veterans, he knew private investigation was his calling. He gave the VA one full year and decided to take the leap. He hasn't regretted the decision.

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