Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud investigations can uncover attempts by claimants to benefit financially by making fake, inflated, or questionable claims. There are billions of dollars paid out annually in fraudulent claims. Due to fake claims, insurance prices and premiums become more and more expensive by the year. Insurance companies are very skeptical when it comes to paying out legitimate claims, because fraudulent claims are so common. A lot of times, the only way to find the truth is for insurance agencies to hire private investigators. Below are the 6 most common types of fraud investigations:

  • Health Insurance - Investigations can determine if/when someone is being paid for health care they are not receiving or is filing health care claims that are invalid or unnecessary. PI's can search billing records to check that doctors and patients are not working together to commit fraud.
  • Car insurance - This fraud consists of some people staging accidents in which they purposely crash in to another car, then blame the other driver, and later files an insurance claim. Other types consists of vehicle theft fraud, trying to receive insurance money for a car that was never stolen.
  • Home insurance - Investigators can discover disaster fraud, including fake or inflated damage claims. They can determine when the claimant upgraded his or her coverage right before the claim was filed, and investigators can verify the validity of property damage claims.
  • Life insurance - PI's can uncover cases of people who claim too much life insurance or claim the insurance while still alive. Investigators can also obtain video evidence of the existence of those claiming life insurance.
  • Workers compensation insurance - If an employee injures himself at work, he or she can inflate his or her claim. Stating questionable injuries from the incident at work. A workers compensation investigation will confirm the severity of the injury and if the injuries sustained were from third party occurrences.
  • Insurance company fraud - Insurance companies can have bad company practices within itself. An insurance agency can take money monthly for services, and when the time comes improperly compensate legitimate claims.


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