Fugitive Recovery


Our team member backgrounds range from active duty police officers, weathered private investigators, experienced full time bounty hunters, military veterans, and hardened civilians ready to remove fugitives out of our neighborhoods. We accept all cases. There is never a fugitive too dangerous for JSI's recovery team.

We recommend using our fugitive recovery service because we do it right from the beginning. We will stake out moms house, grandparents house, ex girlfriends home, or any address that we feel the fugitive thinks is safe. We use innovative techniques to locate fugitives. Once our investigation gets us to the right place, our experience, patience, and discipline will keep us around to catch the fugitive making his first mistake.

We accept old cases, new cases, difficult cases, quick picks, you name it. Do not delay, contact us so we can get the results you desire.


Give us a call at (800)390-2708

Confidentiality is guaranteed