Elder abuse

If you are reading this article because you have concerns of a family member in a nursing home or a care taker abusing your loved one physically or financially, I am sorry. Please keep reading to compare your signs to the common reasons elder abuse investigations begin. Have you noticed any of these signs:

  • Change in personality or normal behavior
  • Unexplained bruises or injuries
  • 2 different stories from the nursing home and your loved one
  • Consistent arguments between the care taker and your loved one
  • Your loved one looks malnourished, unchanged/ unbathed
  • Does your loved one seem OVER medicated, or under medicated and in pain
  • Changes in spending patterns
  • Unexplained financial or property loss
  • Is your loved ones caregiver always around, and never allows for you to be alone

If you have one or more of these same problems, the following methods can be used to fight back:

  • Technology - Utilize hidden cameras that have sound options. Now a days you can find hidden cameras in plugs, clocks, teddy bears, smoke alarms, watches, glasses, flower pots, etc. There are hundreds of hidden camera options
  • Overt Investigations - Let the nursing home/care giver know you have hired an investigator to look into certain events. Physical abuse, financial abuse, neglect, etc. Most the times knowing that a loved one cares enough to hire a PI can produce a change in behavior in the care giver.
  • Financial Investigations - To start, a client might want to be sure they can ensure their loved ones financial security. Missing money could be from a phone scam, where your loved one was tricked into sending money to who he or she thought was a relative. Private investigators normally focus on the following:
  • -Missing money from bank accounts and investments
  • -Has there been an unusual amount of cash advances, and in increases in credit card usage
  • -New user authorizations
  • Is the senior's resources being spent on non essential items
  • Are unpaid bills arriving in the mail more often
  • Does your loved ones property appear to be missing
  • Are there new unusual purchases on your loved ones statements

If you have a loved one who you feel is being taken advantage of financially, or unexplained bruising, please give us a call. It is our responsibility to take care of our elderly. Don't let anyone take advantage of old age.


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