A breach of contract could consists of employees, or contract employees engaging in fraudulent behavior while operating under a non-compete contract. The employee under investigation typically gains knowledge and access to his or her employers clients. The employee will attempt to grow his or her client list prior to opening a business of their own, or operate independently while still working for his or her employer.

Other ways a breach of contract occurs is when the employee is let go, or quits,and he or she applies to his old employers competition. The person can intentionally or unintentionally share trade secrets, business assets like technology and even employees, marketing plans, and business practices.

With breach of contract investigations it is important to move swiftly. You should hire a professional private investigator who has the experience. If you utilize a current employee in this investigation it can be considered tampering with evidence and ultimately be inadmissible in court. Hire J. Sapalicio Investigations to be sure all evidence is gathered swiftly, and correctly.


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